Elemer Impianti

The Mission of the company, summarized in the claim, is to provide its customers all services of civil and industrial construction and civil engineering industry ensuring, thanks to our professional figures and their skills, maximum availability to achieve pre-set goals both in the construction and in the field of maintenance h 24.


The Light element, essential for carrying out activities but also for living the homes, is generated through conventional systems but also by using alternative energy sources. Elemer offers the best customer-oriented soluzions. Our staff is highly qualified and, after careful needs examination, is able to identify, design and implement the most appropriate proposals by providing a complete service.


Elemer is able to realize new constructions by dealing with both the building and the plant engineering by offering the most innovative solutions. Our technicians integrate conventional systems with advanced technology systems such as home automation systems. Technical skills are also essential for restoration of historic buildings.


Ideas to be realized must necessarily be developed. Projects are the decisive step in every action. Elemer design advanced technology solutions to make possible state-of-the-art realizations. Our team careful to technical innovations is constantly updating and in constant contact with development organizations.

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